Excursions in Sanremo

The Residence dei Due Porti is located in the center of Sanremo and offers easy access to the services and attractions of the city, which are all a maximum of 15-20 minutes’ walk. It is a fully equipped and supervised residence, located just opposite the sea, beaches and the 24 km bike path, which extends along the Western Liguria Coastal Park. It’s enjoyable all throughout the year thanks to the mild climate of the Riviera. The cycle path runs alongside the botanical park of Villa Ormond and the famous Villa Nobel, where the creator of the Noble Prize spent the last years of his life.

The Residence is within walking distance of Bresca Square, the heart of nightlife, and the old harbour with its seafood restaurants. Be sure to try the prawns in Sanremo, the pizza Sardenaira, the tasty Taggiasca olive oil, the Sweet Kisses of Sanremo and the homemade ice cream. Located just beside the old port are the public gardens with games for children and the archaeological area “Pian di Nave” with the Fort of Santa Tecla, set to become the new multi-purpose cultural center.

Residence dei Due Porti represents the point from which to explore the history and art of the City of Flowers. Just across the road, you need to take a picture of the “Zampillo”, the fountain with the inscription of Sanremo and characteristic palm trees in the background. The fountain is located right at the foot of Piazza Colombo, the heart of the city. At the corner you can visit the Church of the Angels of Santa Maria, a landmark included in the Ligurian stretch of the famous “Camino de Santiago de Compostela” and marked by the designs of the “Camino” posted its facade.

The pedestrian shopping streets begin at Piazza Colombo, with Corso Matteotti and its trendy shops and elegant window displays and also the street market on Tuesday and Saturday mornings. All along Corso Matteotti there are multiple places of interest, including the Ariston Theater, home of Italian Music Festival since 1977, the Civic Museum which is housed in the baroque Palazzo Borea d'Olmo, the nearby Russian Church, and also the Sanremo Casino’s beautiful Art Nouveau building. The casino offers a wide range of both French and American style games and even modern slot machines.

“La Pigna” with Piazza San Siro are very impressive sites and certainly among the best walking excursions in Sanremo, both just a short distance from Residence dei Due Porti. Dating back to the year 979, this is the historic center of the “City of Flowers”, and is laid out in a series of centered rings on an elevated hill. The famous writer Italo Calvino, who spent much of his youth in Sanremo, referred to the maze of alleyways of La Pigna as a “casbah.” Also nicknamed “La Scarpetta”, to this day La Pigna is full of multi-ethnic communities and the hill is dominated by the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Costa.

Excursions Inland from Sanremo

The strategic location of the Residence dei Due Porti makes it an excellent starting point for pleasant day trips to the beautiful backcountry of Sanremo. Each afternoon you can depart from and return to Bussana, the most populous community of the Flower City. The first stage is Bussana Nuova, where the Sanctuary of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was built as a symbol of rebirth after the earthquake of 1887, which caused the complete destruction and abandonment of the medieval village. Going up about 3 kilometers, you reach Bussana Vecchia, home to a community of International Artists since the 1960’s. Sculptors, painters and musicians, Italian and foreign, have repopulated the town and today you can walk around viewing the various workshops.

Alternatively, you can choose to visit the villages of Triora in the Argentina Valley, or Dolceacqua or Apricale in the Nervia Valley. All three locations are rated as “orange flag”, the mark of eco-environmental quality of the “Italian Touring Club”. Triora is known as the “Town of Witches” because of the famous “witch trials” held there at the end of the 16th century against several local women. You’ll be able to visit the "Cabotina", the cottage where the witches gathered, and also the Ethnographic Museum of Witchcraft, to see the testimonies of the culture and historical events. Local products include souvenirs made of slate, extracted from local quarries and considered highest quality, and also the bread of Triora. Also worth a look is the impressive bridge of Loreto on the deep gorge of the river Argentina.

In the Nervia Valley, you shouldn’t miss the picturesque village of Dolceacqua. The remains of its medieval castle and beautiful humpbacked bridge leave an unforgettable picture. The “Michette” are the traditional bread of the peasant people dating back to the days when the young brides were subject to the “right of the first night” by the feudal lord. Don’t miss the signature “Ligurian Rabbit” dish of the typical trattorias and enjoy a great glass of wine like the “Rossese” from Dolceacqua. Also, not to miss are the traditional fireworks of August culminate in the “Burning of the castle” ceremony. The town of Apricale is perched just a short distance up in the valley and is known as “The town of murals.” In the summer, many tourists come for a theatrical production called the “Cough of Genoa” which takes place in the alleys and squares, and also the festival of "Pansarole", a diamond-shaped soft dough, fried and flavored with sugar and anise and served with eggnog.

Excursions to Sanremo on the French Riviera and Monte-Carlo

The holiday apartments of Residence dei Due Porti are located right in the heart of Sanremo. You can arrive by plane at the Nice Airport, only about 65 km from the City of Flowers. Menton, Monte-Carlo, Nice and Cannes all have a special charm. And the proximity to France makes for easy day trips to the French Riviera and Monaco.

On the Italian border, Menton is a delightful and relaxing town that is filled with the aroma of citrus: hence the cherished lemon cultivation produces many fine soaps and perfumes. You can spend time on the promenade, wandering through the shops on pedestrian streets, browsing regional fabrics and enjoying crepes in one of the many cafes.

The Principality of Monaco is a high profile, international tourist attraction, where luxury and charm can be felt in every corner: from the Prince’s Palace to the prestigious buildings of the Monte Carlo Casino, and from skyscrapers along the route of the Grand Prix Formula 1 track to the yachts in the harbor. And don’t miss the other impressive cultural attractions like the Oceanographic Museum and the Exotic Garden.

Nice is a dynamic city that can satisfy anyone’s needs. La Promenade des Anglais, with its monuments and the splendid setting of the historic buildings, is one of the most beautiful boardwalks along ​the entire Cote d'Azur. Old Nice is a very unique section of town featuring many narrow streets, with stalls, vendors, and street food (for example, the “merguez” sandwich with sausage and fries) ethnic restaurants and live music in pubs. The museums are another treasure, serving as a reminder of the many famous artists like Matisse and Chagall who regularly spent time here.

The city of Cannes brings to mind the famous Cannes Film Festival, which is held here in May. During this time, there’s a lively and festive atmosphere on the boulevard and under the white tents of the “Baoli”, a trendy restaurant with a private beach. But Cannes offers the chance to appreciate refinement and luxury, and to admire the finely decorated facades. And also a chance to taste a wide selection of excellent shellfish or pâté de foie gras. In the afternoon you can take a boat ride to the Lerino Islands, where the Monastery of Lerino and the island’s lush nature and wildlife are a testimony of the history, architecture and life of the Cistercian monks.

Whale Watching Excursions in Sanremo

The Residence dei Due Porti offers its guests complete access to the sea! In less than an hour by boat from Sanremo, you can see whales, dolphins and other marine mammals in the “Ligurian Sea Cetacean Sanctuary” in their natural environment of the Mediterranean. The "Pelagos" Sanctuary is a protected area, shared with France and the Principality of Monaco, where there is a high concentration of marine mammals thanks to the abundance of food. At least 8 species live in this region, most notable is the Fin Whale, the second largest whale in the world. The excursions depart daily and always include a marine biologist on the voyage. They follow the most optimal course to explore this marine environment, and on average, each voyage has 2 sightings per outing. Whale watching is an exciting experience suitable for all ages, where you can get up close to see and learn about Cetaceans.

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